Terms and Conditions


1. The Fuel Club offers the member the opportunity to purchase fuels at discounted prices. It does not guarantee payment terms established by supplier. The supplier determines credit standing and payment terms based on member’s credit history.

2. Membership fees are non-refundable.

3. Member must keep account in good standing with supplier or supplier has the right to discontinue discounted pricing. The Fuel Club does not mediate in billing issues.

4. Prices will be in effect for the term specified in the Signed Supplier’s Fuel Contract.

5. Member must be on automatic delivery.

6. The Fuel Club’s liability will not exceed the yearly membership fee paid.

7. Member is responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions for their chosen supplier and understands that enrollment in a particular pricing program acknowledges acceptance of those terms and conditions.

8. Waiver of liability: Member understands and accepts that the only responsibility of The Fuel Club is to negotiate pricing. The Fuel Club has no responsibility for and shall not be liable for anything else, including fuel delivery, fuel spills, member’s non payment, etc. Member agrees to indemnify and hold The Fuel Club harmless for any and all liabilities, injuries, unforeseen events and costs of any kind. Member understands also that this does not prevent him/her from seeking damages from the Fuel Dealer or their own Insurance Company if necessary, due to accident or unusual event

9. Member is responsible for keeping copies of signed contract with written reserved amounts of fuel for their reference throughout the year.

10. Reserved fuels are available on a first come first served basis until supplies run out.

11. The Fuel Club reserves the right to add or discontinue service with a supplier at any time.

12. Fuel Suppliers are assigned on the basis of geographic location, fuel type and contract availability.