Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I join?

Please download the enrollment form. If unable to print it out, please email your name and mailing address to us and give us time to get the packets out to you, we are busy! New members will be assigned a supplier based on information provided on the enrollment and availability within the geographic areas of suppliers we contract with. New Members will be notified via email of their assigned supplier.

The propane tanks belong to my current supplier. Can I still join and get fuel ?

Yes! You will need to arrange with our current Supplier as soon as possible to have their tanks set. After their tanks are in place and they have performed the State required Safety test (a nominal fee will be charged) you can contact your former supplier for removal of tanks. Please note some companies may charge for removal of their tanks and if you pay for your propane prior to use, they should credit you back for the remainder in the tank. It is very important to contact the current Supplier to get on their schedule for tank installation. If you wait too long, their schedule may be booked. Please be sure to take into account all the associated fees with tank swapping.

Can I add my relatives to my membership?

The rule of thumb is this: Each property you wish covered needs its own membership. Also note that members who use more than 5000 gallons of any one fuel must have prior permission from the supplier to reserve fuels with us.

Do I have to pre-buy?

Our fixed price programs are usually pay as you go. Credit terms are set at the discretion of the supplier. Budget programs are available. If you choose to pre-pay for your fuel, the Supplier is very good about accommodating you. You must however, maintain the credit terms established by the supplier to maintain your fixed pricing.

Do you take credit cards?

We no longer accept credit cards for the membership fee. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We do accept checks and money orders.

How much fuel should I reserve?

This is always a delicate question. You are signing a contract to buy a certain number of gallons of your choosing over a set period of time. If you end up using more than you reserve, you will pay the going retail rate for the fuel at the time of delivery. If you over estimate and use much less than you reserved, then someone else missed out on the opportunity to participate in a fixed price program. There are always circumstances beyond your control which can affect your actual usage. Here’s our rule of thumb. Take your usage for last year and pad it by 10 %. That has worked very well for our members.

What about service?

We always contract with a Supplier who has the resources to provide service on a 24 hr basis. You are not obligated to receive your service from this Supplier.

Will I run out of fuel?

The Supplier uses an automatic delivery system based on degree days. Technically you should never run out of fuel. However, we always advise that you keep an eye on your fuel consumption. If your tank gets down to a ¼ full, we advise a quick call to the supplier to ensure that a ticket has been printed for delivery of fuel to you in the very near future. Of course, should you run out, contact the supplier so they can make immediate delivery arrangements.