Examples of Member Dues

How to determine your membership fee for the 17-18 Heating Season:

Example 1. Your primary heat/hot water source for your residence is oil and you have one oil tank. You use electricity for cooking and drying. Your fee will be $40.00

Example 2. Your primary heat/hot water source for your residence is oil. You have one oil tank. You use propane for cooking and drying. You have one propane tank. Your fee will be $ 60.00 ($40.00 plus $20.00)

Example 3. Your primary source for heat/hot water is propane. You have one large tank. Your fee is $ 40.00.

Example 4. You heat your home and your residential business with oil. You have oil two tanks. Plus you have propane for appliances, with one tank supplying. Your fee will be $105.00 ( $ 65 Business, $ 20 for the second oil tank and $20 for the propane tank)

Example 5. You are a landlord and have 3 properties. Two of the property locations have one tank for heating, the third has one for heat and one for propane appliances. Your fee will be $215.00 ($65 each for first two locations, $65 for third plus $20 for propane)

Example 6. You have a church and a rectory. You heat both with oil and they each have their own oil tank. Your fee will be $85.00 as the Church qualifies under the Non-residential base rate of $65.00 and the second tank at the rectory is an additional tank for $20.00

I don’t understand the fees per tank? What does this mean?

The fees are based on the number of tanks that physically sit on your property and provide fuel storage. It does not refer to the number of tank deliveries you receive through the season. Important to note: customers who use propane and have more than one tank to provide fuel to the same gas line, should consider themselves to have only one propane source.


If you have any questions about the calculation of your fee, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone 603-477-1940. We are happy to clarify.

Submission of your enrollment form and membership dues acknowledges reading and acceptance of our Terms and Conditions