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The Fuel Club

Servicing NH, VT, ME, MA, NY and RI ~ Established 1997

Our Mission:  To provide our members with opportunity to lower their heating costs through discounted pricing programs

not available to the general public.  

We will continue to accept renewals and new enrollments until otherwise posted here. 

Keep your information current!               Drop us an email with any changes

Did you recently switch suppliers in order to take advantage of a pricing program?  Have a new address, e-mail or phone number? Please be sure to send us an email with your updated information including any supplier changes, fuel type changes and current account numbers.  Remember your account number with your supplier is different from your membership number with us! Always use your membership number when corresponding with us. Please direct correspondence to:  kim@thefuelclub.com


New Member Enrollments: Our enrollment form is now a fillable pdf, type in your info, print it out, sign and send to us with your membership fee.

We are now accepting enrollments for the 16-17  Heating Season.  If you are a current member, we will begin mailing renewal enrollments shortly.  We will continue to accept enrollments until otherwise posted here.


members participating in Irving Oil's program  - Please see details of this year's program here


We will continue to accept renewals and new enrollments until otherwise posted here.  


 If you are not currently a member and would like to understand your choices for saving, Please see each of our supplier's information page and review the delivery locations  to determine who's service area you live in, and which pricing program suits your needs. 

Eastern    HB Energy Solutions   Irving   Suburban  

The Fuel Club is the largest fuel buying group in NH.  In recent years, we have added other fuel dealers  to reach out to a broader membership both in geographic locations and membership base.  Members can now receive discounted pricing with Suburban Propane, Eastern Propane,   Irving, and our newest supplier - HB Energy Solutions.  All four companies offer full service (24 hr)  and all fuel types:  # 2 heating oil, propane. 

We strive to supply our members with companies that provide us with all fuel products and full service with auto delivery by degree days. Membership in The Fuel Club does not guarantee or imply that your current supplier will continue to serve your fuel needs.  The Fuel Club assigns your fuel supplier by availability of contracted gallons and geographic location.

These companies do not offer identical discounted pricing programs, however all of them do give our members discounts on fuel products purchased during the contracted heating season.  Members need to have established accounts with one of our suppliers prior The Fuel Club securing  fixed adder or fixed pricing contracts in order to participate.

We do not recommend one fuel supplier over the other as our member's preferences may differ across locations and product needs.

If you are not currently a member and would like to understand your choices for saving, Please see each supplier's delivery locations  to determine who's service area you live in. Eastern   HB Energy Solutions   Irving Suburban


The Fuel Club is a Membership Club.  For a yearly membership fee, members are entitled to receive heating fuels for their residence or small business at discounted prices.  The prices negotiated each year are guaranteed to members who keep their account within the credit terms established by the Supplier contracted with.  We  offer the opportunity to purchase fuels at our negotiated price.  Account terms are determined by your credit history and the contracted supplier. Members accept responsibility to maintain the credit terms established by the supplier in order to retain the discounted pricing Enrollment forms received without a signature and/or membership dues will not be processed.  Membership dues are non-refundable. We will notify you with contact information regarding your assigned fuel supplier to establish an account.  The Fuel Club reserves the right to add or discontinue service with a fuel supplier at any time. We automatically re-enroll members into our program unless we have received notification stating to opt out. Issued membership numbers will remain active regardless of participation in fuel programs. Please see Terms/Conditions for all details related to membership.

High-Volume Users (5,000 gal+).

Please contact Jerry at 603-477-1940 for details.

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